Cloud Labs performs all required compliance testing services for cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles and other products in Oregon


Our panel includes 11 cannabinoids, 7 more than required by ORELAP. This can help consumers understand the potential effects of a product, allow manufacturers to more accurately dose their products, and help cultivators optimize their harvests. We perform this analysis using UPLC-DAD with validated methods on all cannabis sample types.

Residual Solvents

Headspace sampling coupled to GC-MS is used for residual solvent analysis. Our panel includes all analytes required for Oregon compliance samples.


Terpenes are the most important compounds for taste and aroma. In addition, they can act synergistically with cannabinoids to enhance the physiological effects. We look for over 20 different terpenes including all major and several minor terpenes.


We utilize the latest UPLC-MS/MS technology for the identification and quantitation of pesticides in cannabis samples. Our validated method includes all pesticides required for compliance in Oregon.

Moisture Content

Moisture correction is required by the state for cannabis flower products. It is used to correct for cannabinoid and terpene concentrations, which are reported on a dry weight basis.

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