Cloud Labs performs all required compliance testing services for cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles and other products in Oregon


We qualify and quantify 11 cannabinoids to help consumers understand the potential effects that product may have, manufacturers can more accurately dose their products, and cultivators can optimize their harvests. We perform this analysis using HPLC-DAD with validated methods across all cannabis medium types.

Residual Solvents

Cannalysis utilizes HS-GC-FID for residual solvent analysis. Our panel includes all analytes required for Oregon compliance samples.


Terpenes contribute to the taste and aroma, as well as adding an “entourage effect” towards the physiological response that cannabinoids produce within the human body. Terpene profiles are determined using HS-GC-FID (Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detection and Headspace Analysis). These validated methods analyze the concentrations of 21 different terpenes within a cannabis product.

Chemical Residues

Cannalysis utilizes the latest LC-MS/MS technology for the qualification and quantification of chemical residues within cannabis samples. We offer an Oregon compliance panel that contains some of the most common and concerning chemicals.


We use 3M Petri Films and Plates to identify and quantify Salmonella and E.Coli

Moisture Content

Moisture correction is required by the state for cannabis flower products. It is used as a way to normalize/correct for cannabinoid concentrations.

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